Today I was asked if I wanted to participate in a neat little experiment by playing a Youtube on my phone that contained one track from a like 12-track song, along with a bunch of other people. But we were playing them in a room next to the computer lab, and because we didn't have enough smartphones we had to use a computer, and I guess they thought the computer was too loud because somebody came in and yelled at us. And I was like, oh great I'm in trouble again and it wasn't even my idea. But then I was like, now I feel like a weasel for trying to not be the one in trouble, only I only really wanted to say that on account of I'm always in trouble and people in the department are always finding a reason to be mean to me anyhow. It was like first I felt guilty and then I felt threatened and then I felt like a weasel for trying to weasel out of being in trouble. So that was all sad.

On the plus side I figured out the computer stuff and I got a lot of data collection done on my lexical diversity project.


Current feels status (out of ten positive feels): Four.

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